2011 01 30 GPS Tracking and Mapping Workshop at Shakey

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The following chronicles a short photostory of the said event dubbed GPS Tracking and Mapping MCP Forumers Workshop.

Only a bold few came out to snuff this sterner GPS stuff. I also reneged on my initial plan to put up two pizzas by ordering only a hand-tossed Margherita but, to be fair, the workshop turned into just an informal forum amongst attendees, with some light Q&A's and additional tech-stuff knowledge sharing. It was OK. But the best thing is that I got to meet great MCP forum people, and also reconnected with Jonjett whom I haven't seen in a long time.

Here's an edited version of my Jan 2011 forum entry invitation post to this workshop:

Hoy, mga lapuks! Pinaglalaway niyo ako sa mga GPS tracking capabilities niyo! :-) I have a Nokia 5800 and I have yet to install this GPSed app on my phone since I only stumbled upon this thread only now. Many many many thanks to the thread starter and to the sensible contributors of this thread.

I hope we could all have a GPS workshop just before Petron's Endurance Econo Run begins so that many participants can get oriented on how to work this tech-thing out. Kaya kong sagutin ang dalawang pizzas.* We could figure out what's the best-of-breed-app to use so we can normalize what tools and website to use na din para maging standardized ang measuring mechanism. We could compare notes after the Petron event, o 'di ba?

*To those who are amenable, especially Gundam168 and mapping demigod Drekz, kindly signify your intent of attending my proposed GPS and Mapping MCP Forumers Workshop on the 30th of January, 2011, Sunday, 6 PM, where you'll be the lead forum speakers/guides at Shakey's Quezon Avenue, near New Life Supermarket at the intersection of West Avenue, Quezon City. I'll try to serve as the moderator since I initiated this workshop and I'm contributing two freaking thickly crusted pizzas, possibly more kung tinopak ako further. Other contributors and sponsors are damn welcome. The only set of T&C (terms and conditions) that I have for making this event truly happen is the attendance of Gundam168, and mas maganda kung nandiyan si Drekz for additional insights. Interested attendees, bring along your laptops, pertinent gadgets and proof of MCP account. Hmm... how do I minimize useless attendees who just came to pig out? Charge a P50 attendance fee (will at least pay for drinks)? /me goes back to ideas-drawing table...

Post-script: if you don't like my initiative/idea, shoot it down gently or feck off.

Thanks, guys!

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