2011 01 30 MCPF Breakfast Sponsored by Castrol and Suzuki

MCPF (Motorcycle Philippines Federation) Tagaytay Breakfast Post-Ride Report

I was a bit disappointed at the happenings in the Suzuki- and Castrol-sponsored MCPF Tagaytay Breakfast held last Sunday, January 30, 2011, 6:30 AM to 12 PM. It was a good thing that patient people from ABR and Team MCP were there to console with us... for the long line and waiting in the registration, for the lateness of the supposed breakfast, for the disorganized distribution of the supposed breakfast, for not getting anything else along with the lechon baka meat (no rice, no utensils, no drinks), for losing in the raffle, etc. There were some highlights though, as two lovely Castrol-sponsored models (Mika and Isabel) graced the occasion and provided a pleasant atmosphere amongst the picture-hungry maniacs, er, men.

ABR sis annato greeted us there and she donated some Castrol caps to us for the raffle c/o her Las Marias Viajeras (LMV) clubmates. Thank you, annato!

ABR (Alliance of BeAT Riders) attendees:
1. Todd
2. Todd's wife
3. Jim/ricogab
4. Jay
5. Glenn
6. Danilo
7. Loloy D

Team MCP (Marilaque Club of the Philippines) attendees:
1. Allan
2. Burn
3. Burn's friend Argel
4. Loloy D

I arrived a few minutes before 5 AM at Shell Macapagal on the morning of the breakfast. I found the Suzuki Skydrive Owner's Society assembling themselves there. ABR newbies Jay and Glenn then arrived a few minutes thereafter. A little while later, Team MCP members Allan and Burn, along with a friend, arrived a few minutes before 5:15 AM. Finally, Jim, Todd and wife arrived and loaded up on gas. After exchanging a few words about the route to take (Sucat Road, C5-Extension, Alabang-Zapote Road, Aguinaldo Highway), we said a few prayers and immediately took off. We failed to meet fellow ABR Ganz at Jollibee Alabang Zapote "kabila" - he was still asleep at that time hahaha.

I served as spearhead and I failed miserably at keeping the group together as I was adamantly trying to reach the venue by 6:30 AM. Beforehand, I told the group to expect an 80 to 90 kph pace, but we trudged along at around 50 to 85 kph. It's a good thing my co-Team MCP club-mates were there to act as pacers to help keep the convoy group intact. Allan and Burn really helped a lot in slowing me down and keeping the group together. But my eagerness to arrive early at Tagaytay International Convention Center was laid to waste because upon arriving a little later than 6:30 AM, the registration booth was still not set up. The only good thing that came out from us getting to the venue early was that we were able to secure OK-enough parking spots. MCPF people said they expected the attendees to number at least a thousand.

ABR newbie Danilo was able to join us in the venue at the registration queue. He said he was able to tag along with another group.

Next time, definitely I'll have second thoughts going to MCPF breakfasts. Thank you for the free super late 11 AM breakfast of lechon baka without rice, drinks and utensils ;-). Kulang pala na motivation sa akin ang *11 AM breakfast* (imagine niyo kung gaano kami kagutom) ng katiting na lechon baka na medium rare ang pagluto tapos walang kanin at inumin. Pwede naman tayong kumain ng lechon baka kung saan saan lang siguro na mas malapit. Mahaba din ang pila sa registration at sa lechon baka. The raffle was definitely a good highlight though as Sen. Revilla decided to raffle P50,000 of his own money (actually, taxpayer's money) via P1,000 each. There was also no forum on safety but only the usual politician's speech on factoids and typical safety awareness reminders. I hope the future MCPF breakfasts would improve in their organization. Pero I've heard they've been doing this at least for 4 years now so I'm not crossing my fingers.

Senator Bong also highlighted his favored stance on the establishment of motorcycle lanes for Philippine roads - whaaaat? - to my consternation and dismay. I am not sure he's keenly aware of the fact that most, if not all, learned motorcyclists are opposed to this outrageous idea. "Hey, you, big bad boys on those 600cc big bikes and 100cc scooters, get your asses on the motorcycle lane and mix with idiotic stop-and-go passenger jeepneys, buses and tricycles, gaddamit!"

Tapos mukhang nadumihan pa ng husto yung place (pictures below), but I guess I can attribute that to the attendees. Scores of trash littered around within 20 feet away from a semi-prominent trash bin! Tsk tsk tsk, this wouldn't happen in the leading developing countries abroad. How sad is this for the Philippines and the Filipinos? Is this what we could expect from Filipino motorcycle riders? Is this a reflection on *our* attitude towards discipline, safety and environmental awareness?

The old adage is true. Change definitely must come from within first.

Jokes and one-liners provided by both comedians Manny Paksiw and Senator Bong were funny and amusing though.

I hope MCPF would consider positive criticisms as areas for definitive improvement.

Pauwi naman, the mixed clubs group rode together and this time I rode as sweep na rin, minsan alternating as spear. Allan, Jim, Todd and wife took the Daang-Hari fork para mas madali na sa kanila makapunta sa C5. Thereafter, I lost track of Glenn and Danilo, who each must have dropped off the grid somewhere in Cavite near Zapote.

Burn and friend, Jay and I kept pace together until we reached Manila/Quirino Ave. and I bolted from them at España. No ride injuries were reported, thank God.

I'm still rooting for a more meaningful and more sensible clear-cut-goals-oriented MCPF because it's probably the largest federation of motorcycle clubs in the Philippines. Example:

Measurable goals:
1. Reduce road accident incidences involving motorcycles by 50% every year until 2025. Re-evaluate mission statements thereafter.
2. Educate 5% of the motorcycle riding population in the Philippines every year on environmental impact caused by emissions coming from motorcycle exhausts and trash coming from motorcycle parts and other consumables until 2025. Re-evaluate mission statements thereafter.

1.1. Deploy leaflets or implement information dissemination campaigns in LTO licensing offices on road safety for correct driving skills and wearing the appropriate safety attire for all motorcycle riders.
1.2. Open up expressways to motorcycles with at least 150cc engine displacement and only to riders with the appropriate riding gear.
2.1. Conduct monthly seminars to different provinces and cities across the Philippines.
2.2. Lobby congress to pass sensible laws for motorcycle riders.
2.3. Create certification merits or awards to manufacturers exhibiting exemplary environmental friendliness programs.
2.4. Hire Loloy D and reputable MCP forum personalities as technical consultants. Hehehe.
3. Assess safety and environmental awareness campaign impact of MCPF projects by conducting and releasing evaluation surveys among motorcycle clubs and users.

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