About LoloyD.Net

About Me

Male, complete set of limbs, head still attached to torso, with hair, healthy fingernails, looks great in shorts, looks better in briefs, looks wild naked, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one tongue, seven deadly sins, one mean left hook, decent right cross, an uppercut that needs work, ambulant, wears ambidextrous socks, eats with mouth, kisses with lips, smells with nose, types with fingers most of the time, puts rubbish in trash bin, showers in the bathroom, sleeps with eyes hopefully closed, still breathing, armpits need daily deodorant and anti-perspirant, with voice produced by vocal chords, uses internet, uses email, clean feet, picks nose, scratches butt, yawns when sleepy, drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, obeys laws with reckless abandon, watches tv and movies, reads books and magazines, lies yet speaks the truth, sits on ass, smiles, waves, plays, writes, reads, listens, speaks, downloads and sighs.

Cross between Richard Gere and Quasimodo


This website is maintained by me, Loloy D. Anything you say here can or maybe used against you by a court of jesters.

loloyd.net is a pet project of mine where I plan to host my networking activities with people and networking exploits in the field of information technology. Meanwhile, loloyd.com remains as my main website.

My networking with people background includes past and/or present membership or affiliation with the following groups:

Adventure Team Philippines (ATP)
Alliance of BeAT Riders (ABR) (MCP presence)
Alseman Foundation
Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) (official website)
Firefly Brigade (official website)
Philippine Drupal Users Group (PH-DrUG) (official website)
Honda CBR PGM-FI Group Philippines, Inc. (Community Page, Public Group Page, Exclusive Group Page)
Honda Forumers Riders Club (official website)
IT Specialists (eGroup, Yahoo Group)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (JICA SNS)
Leechers International Bittorent Users Group (LIBUG)
Lourdes School, Quezon City Alumni Association (LSQC AA)
Newbie Riders Club (MCP presence)
Ride For A Cause (MCP presence)
Singapore Cooperation Programme Alumni (SCP Alumni)
Sangdaang Halimaw Institute of Technology (SHIT)
Team MCP (MCP presence)
Thank God It's Friday Band (TGIF Band)
University of the Philippines Organization of YMCA Residents (Org-Y)
University of the Philippines Painters' Club (UPPC)
University of the Philippines Society of Math Majors (SMM)
University of Santo Tomas High School Alumni Association (USTHS AA)
WeIRD Band

Who I Want to Meet

Female, big boobs, nice ass, sexy legs, delectable nape, soft feet, good looks, understanding, witty and sexy, wildly conservative, with a wanton and reckless desire to be placid, eats food, likes to live, incorruptibly principled but hell bent on breaking the rules, sticks strictly to the basics with a keen sense of advanced expertise, farts at the back, burps at the front, knows how to fall asleep, hotly cool, open-minded but open-buttons is better, uses internet, uses email and seriously sensible with a huge sense of humor.

Persistence, Veracity and Disclaimer

Please note that the information contained in this about page is subject to future revisions, retraction, repudiation, disavowal, renunciation and abnegation.