2016 07 03 ATP Ride Out From Villa Balinmanok in Dasol Pangasinan - Video Thumbnails


2014 08 24 Motorsiklo Xklusibo 5th Anniversary at Tagaytay International Convention Center

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Akbay with Ms. Stephanie

Akbay with Ms. Sheena

Akbay with Ms. Love-love

Akbay with Ms. Miles Tolentino, part of the editorial staff of Motorsiklo Magazine

2011 02 04 05 06 ATPI Petron Endurance Economy Run Manila to Bataan to Zambales to Pangasinan to Nue

Official post-ride statistics coming from the organizers, Adventure Team Philippines, Incorporated (ATPI).

We had a total of 324 registrants. On Feb. 4, 2011, 7 registrants did not show up and 42 participants failed the safety inspection screening. A total of 275 participants were sent off. After the event, 11 riders did not finish, 6 were disqualified for failing to pass through all the checkpoints and 32 riders failed to meet the cut-off time but still finished the route (non-bearing finishers). The total number of finishers is 226. For the record, our initial cut-off times were 12.30 PM at Urdaneta, 4 PM at Aritao and 9 PM at Baguio. Considering that the send off time was delayed by 40 minutes, we announced during the send off that all the cut-off times will be adjusted accordingly. At 1 PM on Feb 5, we were informed by the checkpoint officer that riders who assisted other riders in distress in Bataan, Subic and Candelaria were requesting for cut-off adjustments to compensate for their downtime. At 1 PM, we informed the last three checkpoints that the new cut-off times are 2 PM for Urdaneta, 5 PM for Aritao and 10 PM for Baguio. In this way, all the finishers and winners arrived before the cut-off time. Thank you and see you next year!

I registered 763 kilometers in an intended 750 kilometer endurance economy run, sponsored by Petron Sprint 4T and produced by Adventure Team Philippines, Inc. (ATPI). We took off from Petron Diego Silang cor. C-5 at Taguig at 11:40 PM and I finished at Petron Kisad Road, Baguio City at 9:40 PM the following night, whereby I clocked around 22 hours. This endurance journey consisted of several delicious twisties - Bataan-Olongapo, Dalton Pass at Nueva Ecija and Ambuklao, Benguet.

I used a 108 cc Honda BeAT automatic scooter, which managed to pull in a 39 km/li fuel efficiency from my unofficial calculations. The winners in my class garnered efficiencies ranging from 52+ km/li to 67+ km/li. I am rethinking my overall strategy for the next contest, possibly using a different motorcycle.

The 3-hour, 107 kilometer killer Aritao to Baguio via Ambuklao route was the toughest leg as it involved the sharpest mountainside twisties at the darkest time, having the foggiest condition and the coldest weather - all at the expense of being the last part of a grueling 22-hour no-sleep endurance ride. I congratulate all iron-butt finishers.

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