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2011 04 17 Tour Of The Fireflies

Event: 13th Tour of the Fireflies (ToF), an annually recurring 50 kilometer pedal-powered cycling ride across several key cities in Metro Manila promoting the use of bicycles (and other similar non-motorized transportation devices) as an alternative means of transportation that is cheap, efficient, environmentally sensible and good for the people's health. Other sister events were also held all throughout major cities across the Philippines. Awarding ceremonies to the best costumed bikers wearing earth-friendly themes culminated the program of activities. As always, the schedule of this yearly tour has been timed to be near the World's Earth Day event (April 22) -

Route: from Tiendesitas, Pasig to CCP, Manila, and then back to Tiendesitas via straightforward paths traversing through Quiapo, Manila.

Ride distance: approximately 41 kilometers (see the very last pictures from the photo album below).

Schedule: 6:00 AM - program, 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM - ride proper, 12:00 PM onwards awarding ceremonies and raffles.

Number of participants in the peloton: approximately 15,000 as per organizers' post-ride announcements, comprising kids as young as 6 years old, grampas as old as 80 and lots of out-of-shape people :). If they can do it, so can we!

The following GPS track information has a few factual errors as the resulting GPX file got somewhat damaged due to device overheating near the end of the ride.

Map My Tracks link and specs:

GPSed link and specs:

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Posing with a Miss Earth champion

Go, go, Power Rangers!

Magiting na Pinoy at ang kanyang bisikleta

Posing with a Miss Earth champion

Posing with Miss Earth champions

My old trusty bike

The peloton in front of me at Quiapo bridge

The peloton behind me at Quiapo bridge

Captain Planet

2009 11 22 Critical Mass Ride with Firefly Brigade on 10th Anniversary of Clean Air Law

A critical mass-style bike ride was held November 22, 2009, Sunday, and saw some 80+ riders join in the crusade for cleaner air, and more bike-friendly cities and places. Firefly Brigade spearheaded the event with Rosar, Pogz and Mia at the helm, raffling out prizes, explaining the status quo on biking and cleaner air advocacy, and keeping the group ride together. Photography wizard Voltaire also snapped up spectacular shots (his Multiply album and Firefly Brigade's Multiply album) during this 10th anniversary celebration of the passing of the Clean Air Act.

This also marks my return to more bike-riding exercises after being lazy for around 7 months (damn pesky cough - made me skip a blood letting opportunity too).

This critical mass ride (CMR) was relatively a short one. Starting from Cubao X, we rode along Aurora, went through Legarda, zipped through towards España and then headed back to Cubao X via E. Rodriguez. The trip measured only ~25 kilometers (I failed to get a more accurate reading since I forgot to reset my cyclo-computer *sigh*).

Special thanks goes to Ms. Annie for the complimentary biscuits, juice and clean water.
There are 14 images in this photoset and here are the highlights. Click on any of the photos below to view the entire photoset.

Reward Non-Polluters banner

Some of the CMR ladies

Pit stop at the Legarda LRT station

Bulaluhan Sa España

Posing between the Crisostomo couple, Rosar and Karen
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