Internet Age International Arms Race - A Guinness World Record Attempt

Total Armament: 150+ (conservatively)
ICBMs: Undetermined
Anti-ICBMs: Undetermined


The Internet Age International Arms Race is my Guinness World Record attempt project with a catchy name for having the most number of beautiful women with my arms around or across their shoulders or waists - captured in pictures. The de facto mode for scoring is 1 full point for an ICBM (international woman, or any female from another country different from mine) and a half point for an ABM (a woman with the same nationality as mine). I started this project late 2009 armed with lots of reckless imagination and border-less hubris. Note that I found it amusing to use missile lingo like ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) and ABM (anti-ballistic missile) while I wrack my brain for an appropriate but equally amusing apropos backronym.

I may or may not honor take-down requests for pictures found herein. If you want to participate in my Guinness World Record attempt project, contact me. It's that easy. As someone from the movies said, "I can make you famous".

One may ask, why is it called Arms Race and not Arms Raise Race? Of course, Arms Race has more catch and weight and controversy attached to it :-).

Obviously, this is constantly a continuous work in progress. A plea for those who want to get into this kind of arms race - don't. Have some originality and create your own idea. Otherwise, IT'S ON!

Number Points Nationality Name/Description Date and Place Image/s
3. 0.5 Jan 2010
2. 0.5 Jan 2010
1. 0.5 Jan 2010